Copper cyanide bath

Copper is an excellent choice for an under plate, since it often covers minor imperfections in the base metal. It is easy to buff or polish copper and can give copper a high gloss. Copper has a very high plating efficiency, resulting in excellent coverage even on difficult parts. Copper is less environmentally hazardous than many other common metals. Copper is highly conductive, making it an excellent coating for printed circuit boards or as a coating on steel wire used to conduct electricity.

Copper plating is an excellent choice for adhesion and bonding, it provides a strong bond to the substrate, ensuring durability and longevity of the plated material.

With the copper tank being the largest tank in our facility we process a wide variety of parts for the aerospace and military components. From large 30" metal cores to small ½" Akron plating has a racking solution to economically process a wide variety of parts.

Akron Plating’s copper line is a NADCAP accredited process

Copper specs

AMS2418 is the most common copper plating specification

  • Type 1: Engineering plating 0.0005 to 0.0007 unless otherwise specified on drawing or purchase order
  • Type 2: Plating for masking 0.002 and not area less than 0.0007
    Copper Flash = 0.0001