Akron Plating Company LLC

1774 Hackberry St
Akron, OH 44301

Monday – Friday:
8:00AM – 4:00PM

Warranty and Return Terms & Conditions

Akron Plating must be notified in writing of any lost or missing parts within 5 business days of receipt or charges will be final. All Claims and returned goods must be made in writing within 6 months of receipt. Claims must include Akron Plating delivery ticket number, Customer PO number and date of delivery. Products will need to be returned for physical quality inspection at customer’s expense. Akron Plating will not warrant any parts that have been exposed to adverse conditions or weather.

RFQ Terms & Conditions

Any modification to the original request for quotation, including tooling, specialized racking, excessive cleaning, poor quality metal, or need for specialty packaging will require additional quoting. No certifications will be issued unless the requirement is stated on the customer’s purchase order.