Industrial Hard Chrome or Functional Chromium Plating

Hard chrome plating, also known as functional chrome or engineering chrome is different than decorative chrome. With hard chrome the essential difference is that the focus is on the properties of the deposit as they relate to wear resistance, low coefficient of friction and its resistance to corrosion. In these applications the deposit is typically applied in thicknesses greater than 2.5 microns (.0001).

Akron plating can chrome plate a wide variety of manufactured steel. From large 48″ tire press rings to small .125″ valve covers. Our standard flash chrome range from .0002-.0005 but we also regularly plate up to .003 thickness and greater. We offer buffing and polishing services for most chrome plated parts please feel free to reach out with further questions.


Tank size 8'L x 36"W x 6'D

Decorative Bright Chrome

Electrodeposition of decorative chromium is the principal means of imparting the physical and chemical properties of chromium to the surface of less expensive and easier to form materials such as steel. The most desirable properties of chromium as a metal coating are its inherent protective and decorative characteristics. The deposit’s high reflectivity is retained in services because of chromium’s excellent lubricity and resistance to tarnish, corrosion, wear and scratches.

We offer a decorative nickel chrome finish for a show quality mirror finish on a wide variety of parts, from automotive restorations to surgical equipment.

Note: We do not plate bumpers, wheels, rims, or other large automotive parts at this time. Please call or fill out a “request for quotation” if you are unsure about a part.


When working with chrome plating, it is essential to consult the specific standards and specifications relevant to your industry and application. These standards help ensure that the chrome-plated components meet the required quality, performance, and durability standards.

AMS2460 is the most common Chrome plating specification

  • Class 1 – Corrosion protective plating, minimum thickness 0.00001 inch (0.25 µm)
    Type I – Bright finish
    Type II – Satin finish
  • Class 2 – Engineering plating thickness as specified by customer.
    If not specified minimum thickness shall be 0.002 (51 µm)